Congratulations to my friend Chris Liscio and Super Mega Ultra Groovy for the release of their new application, Capo.

Capo - Learn your music

Recently, I decided to get back into playing the guitar after a 10+ year hiatus. As you can imagine, I forgot a great deal. Thankfully, Apple helped out a bit with their GarageBand guitar lessons. But, it didn’t take very long for me to move through the provided lessons and want to start learning the songs in my iTunes collection.

Enter Capo

Capo is a musician’s best friend. It lets you slow down your favorite songs, so you can hear the notes and learn how they are played.

Chris asked me to help beta test Capo just after he talked me into buying my new guitar (coincidence?) and it’s been the perfect tool for learning to play all over again.

Just drag your favorite songs into Capo from iTunes and hit play. Hit a complex guitar lick or chord progression, no problem. Create a loop over the section you want to concentrate on and set the play speed to 1/2 or even 1/4 speed without altering the pitch.

At $39, Capo is just the price of a half hour guitar lesson. And the gorgeous user interface makes it so much fun to play with.







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  1. Cathy Mason Avatar

    Just found this post!!
    Thank you!
    Guitar is a passion I returned to also about 6 years ago!