Month: December 2010

  • 2010 End of Year Sale

    2010 was a crazy busy year for Outer Level (me). Year in Review Knapsack Acquisition In April, Outer Level announced the acquisition of Knapsack, the personal travel organizer for Mac. The announcement came after weeks of negotiations followed by several more weeks of transitioning the code, online store, web site, and customer database. Add in […]

  • Knapsack 2.1

    Knapsack 2.1 adds a new menu item for setting and clearing trip star ratings and fixes a bunch of UI issues. It also brings (hopefully) Knapsack into compliance with the Mac App Store review guidelines. Read the full Release Notes for more details. Use “Check for Updates” under the main Knapsack menu or download it […]

  • LicenseKeeper 1.6.2

    LicenseKeeper 1.6.2 has been released. This free update fixes a crash and a potential data loss bug during importing. I’ve also fixed an annoying bug where the main window would appear shifted off the top right of smaller displays. You can read the full details in the Release Notes. Use “Check for Updates” under the […]