2010 End of Year Sale

2010 was a crazy busy year for Outer Level (me).

Year in Review

Knapsack Acquisition

In April, Outer Level announced the acquisition of Knapsack, the personal travel organizer for Mac.

The announcement came after weeks of negotiations followed by several more weeks of transitioning the code, online store, web site, and customer database. Add in all the time dealing with the legal paperwork for things like copyrights and trademarks and this was no quick short cut to adding an app to the product lineup.

New Online Store

The Knapsack acquisition forced my hand in that the original online store was only able to support the sales of one product. After much research, I settled on adopting the excellent open source Potion Store to run the Outer Level online store. The fact that Knapsack’s previous developer also used Potion Store made the decision and migration much easier.

With Potion Store up and running, not only could I now sell more than one item, I added the long requested Family Pack option where customers could get a discounted five user license to share with family members in their household.

Knapsack 2

As excited as I was to add Knapsack to the product lineup, I couldn’t wait to get my hands in the code and take this already cool app to the next level.

Knapsack needed new interactive maps. This release was all about replacing a neat but ultimately limited static world map with a fully interactive detailed online street map. The Knapsack 2 release was a success that brought some nice accolades.

LicenseKeeper for iPhone

Not to be left out, LicenseKeeper got a big upgrade this year too. October saw the release of its companion app LicenseKeeper for iPhone which gave users the capability to take their software license information with them on the go.

Sale Details

To celebrate the conclusion of a pretty good year and set things in motion for 2011, I’m offering a 20% discount on all apps sold through the Outer Level online store. Use the coupon code BYEBYE2010 when checking out to get your discount.

If you’re already a customer and have all that you need from us, please pass the coupon on to someone who could use it.

This sale runs through January 3, 2011.

Happy New Year!



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