LicenseKeeper: Trouble importing MacUpdate Promo Data File?

If you’re having trouble importing serial numbers into LicenseKeeper for the apps you purchased through MacUpdate’s recent app bundle, then the file MU generated for you is probably improperly formatted.

You can easily fix the file by following these instructions:

  1. Open the MU data file in TextEdit
  2. Search for “Michael Simmons” using Command+F. You should find the text as the publisher for the app Fantastical.
  3. Modify the text “Michael Simmons & Kent Sutherland” to read “Michael Simmons & Kent Sutherland”
  4. Save and Close the data file
  5. Import into LicenseKeeper as usual

The LicenseKeeper data file is a simple Mac OS X plist that needs to follow a specific XML format. The “&” is an illegal character and it needs to be HTML encoded so it doesn’t break XML parsing.

Update (Sept 12, 2011): MacUpdate has fixed the invalid encoding in the LicenseKeeper data file and newly downloaded files should now work as expected.