Category: Micro ISV

  • New Online Store

    Over the past three years Outer Level has been selling LicenseKeeper almost exclusively through our custom built online store. It was built quickly and supported one product and only one payment method. The store accepted payments by sending customers over to PayPal‘s website using their standard payments system which was hard to brand and was […]

  • Starting up with a Friend

    Daniel Tenner shares some great advice for starting a business with a friend (or anyone else for that matter). What could possibly go wrong? It seems like a fool-proof plan: start up with a close friend. You’ll get along (obviously), and you’ll get to share the exciting, fantastic, scary experience of starting up with someone […]

  • The Village Toy Maker

    Brent Simmons: Advice for Indies You have to work every day. You have to sit in the chair and stay seated. And sleep and come back to the chair. You need to wear out that chair and then buy a new one and then wear out that one. … I shouldn’t even have to say […]

  • New Pod Cast: Core Intuition

    My friends Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software (Mars Edit, Black Ink, Flex Time) and Manton Reece of River Fold Software (Wii Transfer) have started a new podcast on all things related to being an Indie Mac Developer (or two guys talking about cool stuff). The first episode of Core Intuition is out and you […]

  • MacSanta: Great Discounts on Mac Software

    MacSanta is back. Every day a surprise set of featured Mac developers will offer 20% discounts on their software, using the coupon code MACSANTA07. After their featured day, all featured software will be available at a 10% discount for the rest of 2007 using the coupon code MACSANTA07TEN. LicenseKeeper is featured December 9 Today, LicenseKeeper […]

  • New Podcast: The Business of Mac Software

    A few days ago I mentioned The Mac Developer Network and their great lineup of podcasts. Well, Steve Scott (Scotty) has added yet another podcast to the mix: MacSB: The Business of Mac Software. The MacSB podcast focuses on the business issues of developing Mac software. The show takes an interview format where the host […]

  • ShoveBox

    Fellow Boston-based indie Mac developer, Dan Grover, has just released his third product, ShoveBox. ShoveBox is a very cool application that lets you quickly capture bits of information you encounter during your work day. Several times a day I’ll come across a URL or information that I want to read and grok later but don’t […]

  • MicroISV Business Tips

    This morning I came across two interesting articles about running a small software business that I thought were worth sharing. Both are from authors that made appearances in my “Marketing on the Cheap” list. The first is another fine article from Daniel Jalkut, owner of Red Sweater Software and developer of MarsEdit, Black Ink, FastScripts […]

  • Marketing on the Cheap

    I finally had a couple of hours this morning to catch up on my neglected news feeds. I subscribe to several hundred focusing on a large variety of topics. This morning I found several related and informative articles on the topic of low budget marketing for the micro-isv. I thought that they might be interesting […]

  • Otis: Come to the Block Party.

    Wonder Warp Software has released a fun little game called Otis. I had the opportunity to watch from the side lines as Dan Grover worked on Otis. Dan and I are both members of the Boston chapter of Cocoa Heads. Every month we meet and talk shop, share experiences, and demo things we’ve been working […]