Marketing on the Cheap

I finally had a couple of hours this morning to catch up on my neglected news feeds. I subscribe to several hundred focusing on a large variety of topics.

This morning I found several related and informative articles on the topic of low budget marketing for the micro-isv. I thought that they might be interesting to my fellow indie developers.

Guy Kawasaki writes DIY PR:

So what I am recommending is not howto manage an agency, but something more radical: not hiring an agency at all. Here are ten reasons why.

My Micro-ISV with A great alternative to 30 day free trials:

What really got my attention is how Textexpander’s trial period works…

Because of a friend’s recommendation, I’m a TextExpander user myself. I too find the trial mechanism very good, not to mention helpful.

Coding Horror reveals How to Get Rich Programming:

What’s truly exciting about this is how the internet has created economic opportunity for a single programmer working alone.

Patrick McKenzie talks about Community-oriented Marketing:

If you attempt to sell something directly to the members of a community you are not a part of, you risk a great chance of falling afoul of community norms and an almost certain chance of wasting your time.

Daniel Jalkut examines Marketing a Negative:

You’d like to replicate us, but it just can’t be done.