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  • See you at WWDC 2008

    Every year around this time a mass migration occurs around the world. Large numbers of Mac developers make the long arduous journey to San Francisco to gather, learn, network, and socialize. This year I make my own way to join this strange ritual for the first time. It’s time for Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference […]

  • New Pod Cast: Core Intuition

    My friends Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software (Mars Edit, Black Ink, Flex Time) and Manton Reece of River Fold Software (Wii Transfer) have started a new podcast on all things related to being an Indie Mac Developer (or two guys talking about cool stuff). The first episode of Core Intuition is out and you […]

  • Resolution Independent Buttons

    Sean Patrick O’Brien shares his approach and sample code for creating attractive resolution independent controls in Cocoa. I, like most developers, love shiny new user interfaces. Rounded corners, gradients, drop shadows, custom drawing — all of these things make me smile. Sean takes us through his steps for prototyping his controls in Photoshop to get […]

  • Core Animation Podcast

    In my previous post, Mac and iPhone Programming Books, I briefly mentioned the eBook Core Animation for OS X. Today, the publisher, The Pragmatic Programmers announced a new podcast interview with the book’s author, Bill Dudney. The podcast is obviously pushing his new book. But, if you have any interest in Core Animation or iPhone […]

  • Mac and iPhone Programming Books

    The introduction of Apple’s iPhone Software Development Kit has lead several friends to ask me for book recommendations to help them get started developing for the iPhone and Mac. While the selection is not huge at the moment, the few books that do exist are actually quite good. There are two primary technologies used to […]

  • Cocoa is My Girlfriend

    There’s a new cocoa development blog on the block. Cocoa is My Girlfriend, written by Marcus Zarra and Matt Long, has its first article posted: Cocoa Tutorial: NSOperation and NSOperationQueue Threading is hard in any language. And what is worse, when it goes wrong, it usually goes wrong in a very bad way. Looks like […]

  • Development Automation

    The second beta of LicenseKeeper 1.3 was just released to testers this morning. Running a beta test cycle at the end of the year is a bit rough. People aren’t at their computers. Instead, they are spending time with friends and family. Luckily, a few people have been running the beta and reporting issues. But, […]

  • New Podcast: The Business of Mac Software

    A few days ago I mentioned The Mac Developer Network and their great lineup of podcasts. Well, Steve Scott (Scotty) has added yet another podcast to the mix: MacSB: The Business of Mac Software. The MacSB podcast focuses on the business issues of developing Mac software. The show takes an interview format where the host […]

  • The Mac Developer Network

    From the creator of the Late Night Cocoa podcast comes The Mac Developer Netowrk ( and the new Mac Developer Roundtable podcast. The Mac Developer Network (MDN) is hoping to become your first port of call for all things to do with Mac Development. Scotty has done a wonderful job with Late Night Cocoa over […]

  • Bullfrog Game Design: Dynamic Bugs

    Developing software is an interesting process. There are times where I work very hard with little to show for it for several days. Then there are those days where I can knock out a ton of tasks on my “To Do” list with little effort. Usually, one state directly follows the other. I recently spent […]