Email Autoresponder

The power of a quick email reply can not be underestimated.

I recently began contacting vendors for quotes and proposals on some work I need done. I began by visiting their websites, which I had bookmarked over time.

I emailed four companies for their proposals. I received one auto-reply instantly, with a follow up email the next morning. Two first replies arrived by the next morning. On one vendor, I’m still waiting on a reply.

In this case, this doesn’t directly affect my decision process only because I’ve been watching these particular vendors for a period of time and am confident that they are all capable of doing the work in a timely manner.

But if this was my first impression of each, can you guess which one I would have the highest opinion of?

I have not made any decisions on which vendor(s) I will work with, but my initial impressions of each business is definitely affected by my initial attempt at contacting each of them.

The moral of the story? Setup that autoresponder on your sales and support email addresses. Give your customers the feeling that you are listening to them and that they will be contacted soon.

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