iPod Games

iPod Games: now this is an interesting business opportunity.

The Mac games market may be small, but the iPod market is huge. I wonder how open Apple will be to selling independent iPod games through iTunes.

So, Apple where is that iPod Games SDK? Can I use Objective-C or do I need to use Java?

Update (Sept. 13, 2006):

Erica Sadun of MacDevCenter found a few hints as to what makes up an iPod game.

Update (Sept. 14, 2006):

Dan Dickinson has a very deep look inside multiple games that reveals more interesting details in Dissecting iPod Games. Apparently, they are simple .zip files containing some sort of ARM executable that does not appear to be Java-based.

Ben Sinclair uncovers more information on What’s Inside an iPod Game. Ben even went as far as contacting Apple to get their input on when an SDK would be available:

Thank you for contacting the Apple Developer Connection regarding developing for the iPod.

Please know that, at this time, we have no plans to offer an SDK for the iPod.



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