Month: February 2007

  • LicenseKeeper Beta 0.98

    LicenseKeeper Beta 0.98 is now available via the “Check for Updates…” main menu. This release is a small one to patch up a couple of small bugs and to upgrade the Software Updates system to use SparklePlus. I’m hoping this is the last beta release before the official public 1.0 release. If you have any […]

  • LicenseKeeper Beta 0.97

    The new beta of LicenseKeeper is ready. It should be available via “Check for Updates…” under the main menu. I received several questions on whether LicenseKeeper could store Disk Images (DMG) and Zip files as attachments. LicenseKeeper can currently store any file as an attachment except for RTFD, .webloc, and .fileloc types. Support for these […]

  • Red Sweater Software Acquires Mars Edit

    Daniel Jalkut announced on his blog this morning that Red Sweater Software has acquired Mars Edit from NewsGator. Official Press Release Q&A with Brent Simmons and Daniel Jalkut I’m very much looking forward to where Daniel will take the already terrific blog authoring tool, MarsEdit.

  • LicenseKeeper Beta version 0.94

    After a very crazy week, LicenseKeeper Beta version 0.94 is ready for download and testing. If you’ve signed up for the private beta program, you can download this release from the same location as the past releases. There are some significant new features this time around: Library Export Library Import App Import now works with […]

  • LicenseKeeper Beta Delayed

    Because of the ongoing server repairs, I have not had the time to get the Beta that was supposed to go out today ready for release. I should have it bundled up and ready for tomorrow morning if nothing else goes wrong between now and then. Sorry for the delay.

  • Server Problems and Migration

    Sunday morning my web server’s hard disk failed. I’m in the process of migrating all my sites to a new server and hosting provider. Please, bear with me during this transition. Everything should be back to normal over the next couple of days.

  • The Road to 2.0 – Part 1: Upgrades and Pricing

    Lee Falin has started a series on taking his product, Screen Mimic, to version 2.0. In this first part he describes how he determined his pricing scheme for new purchases and upgrades. He also shares a bit about his struggles with adding audio to his product. Good Stuff.