Save 1Passwd License Cards

There has been a ton of talk the last few days about the new 1Passwd license card.

Essentially, they have taken the idea of a file-based license key to the next step. Instead of using a text-based or binary file containing a user’s license information, they are using an image file.

It is similar to using any other license file scheme, except that it is more “Mac-like”, say the 1Passwd developers.

It seems the most common complaint against this strategy is that the 1Passwd license card is hard to save. Saving these license cards in a text file or spreadsheet is cumbersome. This is where LicenseKeeper comes in.

LicenseKeeper will store the 1Passwd license card right along with the rest of your serial numbers and other license files. Just drag-and-drop the card on to the attachments list and your card is saved and ready for you when you need it.

Many people store serial numbers in a text document or spread sheet. This strategy is not adequate when you need to store file and image-based license keys.

LicenseKeeper makes dealing with your license management needs easy and provides you the ability to store your original emailed purchase receipts as well.

As more and more software developers switch to file-based keys you’ll be ready.

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