LicenseKeeper 1.3 Adds Printing and Text Exports

After a long development cycle, LicenseKeeper 1.3 is finally ready. This new version greatly improves Leopard compatibility and adds a host of frequently requested features.

LicenseKeeper is immediately available for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or 10.5 (Leopard). The LicenseKeeper free trial is fully functional, but limited to five products with three file attachments each.

A LicenseKeeper single-user license costs just $19.95 and is a free upgrade to all previously registered customers.

LicenseKeeper 1.3 Release Notes


  • Detailed Reports: Print selected product, all products, and attachments.
  • Export to plain text with delimited values
  • Auto Fill from AddressBook profiles (Auto, Home, Work)
  • Search by Registered Name
  • Search by Registered Company
  • High resolution Leopard ready application icon.
  • Serial Scanning performance improvements
  • Attachments can now be sorted by Name or Date.
  • Leopard friendly Status Bar.
  • Redesigned Library Upgrade progress window.


  • Help Book
  • Latest Sparkle Plus software update framework


  • Type ahead on Open/Save sheet.
  • Type ahead on product and attachment lists.
  • Drag and Drop images directly to attachments from Safari and other browsers.
  • Drag & Drop images from Safari and other browsers to App Icon well.
  • Drag & Drop images to App Icon well on Tiger
  • Drag & Drop app import showing overlaid app icons on Tiger
  • Serial scanning for PotionStore email receipts.
  • Serial scanning wrongly grabbing phone numbers.
  • Print is now disabled for non-printable attachments
  • Drag and Drop license file to register Hazel
  • Crash when trying to rearrange attachments using drag & drop
  • Crash if the application support and cache paths are longer than 1024 characters
  • Removed logging debug messages to the console
  • Importing applications and refreshing their info resulted in different sized icons
  • Crash while migrating library.
  • Scanning LiquidLedger serial number
  • Serial Scanning would cause LicenseKeeper to hang on certain emails
  • Crash related to threading issues between auto save and importing apps.
  • Products list not scrolling to imported application on Leopard.
  • Duplicate application entries when importing multiple apps at once.
  • Importing email with attachments got broken by Leopard Mail.
  • Attachments are now selected upon import.
  • Allow license file to be attached inside a batch of drag-and-drop attachments.
  • Selecting an attachment is very slow.
  • Viewing php file attachments.
  • Viewing of Base64 encoded email attachments.
  • Resizing attachment window does not scale PDF.
  • Email with no subject was displayed as raw source.
  • Signed Email doesn’t parse correctly.
  • Printing Legacy style Email would sometimes cause a crash.
  • Printed Legacy style Email missing subject, to, and from values.
  • Freeze while scanning FileSpot registration email.
  • Scanning GarageSale serial number.
  • Scanning DiscCover serial number.
  • Scanning VMWare Fusion serial number.
  • Tabbing through fields causes weird status bar drawing glitch on Leopard.
  • Dragging images / files on to Image Well doesn’t update values immediately.
  • Auto save displays error messages during library import.
  • Updating product icon leaves old icon cache file behind.



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