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  1. Hi-I have created “FotoCube” which may be viewed and played at:
    http://www.thefotocube.com (if the 15 minute play trial expires simply close and restart your browser to play again).

    I hired a Java SE programmer to write the code for the web application. I am interested in making “FotoCube” playable on both the iphone and itouch if possible, with fewer attributes if necessary.

    Can Java ME or another Java program be used to accomplish the above? I have received several replies to posts I have made which have referred me to Java ME to do this.

    My Java programmer has told me this might be accomplished using the Macintosh computer and programming using certain softwares.

    Do you think “FotoCube” can be made for the iphone and itouch units?
    Please make any references to me that might be valid. I am also possibly looking for a programmer to work with on this project.

    Thank you,

  2. Hi,

    I am developing a game, which will be having the labyrinth as one of it’s key components. It’s a maze game. Can anyone suggest me the best possible approach for the hit test on anything like walls ??????

    my mail id is – arvind.ksharma@gmail.com

  3. NSTimer HELP. When I Build & Go app loads ok but flipToSecond method doesn’t seem to be called. I placed an NSLog in flipToSecond method to check if it is being called NO LUCK.

    -(void) applicationDidFinishLaunching : (UIApplication *) application {

    timer = [NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval: 1.0 target:self selector:@selector(flipToSecond:) userInfo:nil repeats: NO]; // change YES to NO


    //define the targetmethod

    – (void) flipToSecond: (NSTimer *) timer {

    NSLog(@”flipToSecond was successful!”);


    Last line in console is:

    Pending breakpoint 1 – “objc_exception_throw” resolved

    Can’t seem to figure it out. Help Please.

  4. Received HELP from other forums.

    -(void)viewDidLoad {

    [self performSelector: @selector(flipToSecond:) withObject: nil afterDelay: 3.0];

    [super viewDidLoad];

    Used performSelector instead of NSTimer and placed it in viewDidLoad instead of applicationDidFinishLaunching.

    Hope this helps other people.

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