LicenseKeeper 1.4.10

LicenseKeeper 1.4.10 has been released.

Use “Check for Updates” under the main LicenseKeeper menu or download it directly from here.

This update improves import support for text and XML files that are incorrectly encoded, fixes a couple of crash bugs, and fixes a few nagging but minor UI issues.

You can read the full details in the Release Notes.



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2 responses to “LicenseKeeper 1.4.10”

  1. Thomas Avatar

    Nice to see so many updates for License Keeper, too bad they are mainly bug fixes.

    Still missing a way to sort my apps into categories eg. Games, Audio, Video, Creativity, Finance, Tools etc.

    My old free application did this and I am close to go back to it instead of License Keeper.

    Oh well, perhaps one day we are lucky to see some new functions in this program.

  2. Jon Trainer Avatar

    Thomas: I’m very hard at work on LicenseKeeper 2 which will add a bunch of new functionality, including groups and password-based encryption.