My Apple History

The Core77 Design Blog has created a sweet chart of Apple’s history of product design. [link via Guy Kawasaki]

It was fun to scan the chart and find how many Apple products I have owned or actually used: (I took the liberty to add NeXT to the list)

  • Apple IIe (1983) – School & Friend
  • Apple IIc (1984) – Friend
  • Apple IIgs (1986) – Friend
  • Macintosh SE (1987) – School
  • Macintosh Classic (1990) – School
  • NeXT Station (1990) – School
  • PowerBook Titanium (2001) – Own
  • Power Macintosh Mirror (2002) – Work
  • PowerBook G4 Aluminum (2003) – Mother
  • Power Macintosh G5 (2003) – Own
  • iPod 3rd Gen (2003) – Own
  • iBook G4 (2003) – Sister
  • iPod Click Wheel (2004) – Own
  • Mac Mini (2005) – Own
  • Mac Book Pro (2006) – Own
  • Mac Pro (2006) – Own
  • iPhone (2007) – Own

Can you guess by the listed dates when I graduated from college and entered the “Windows Enterprise World” and when I became a “switcher”?

What does your Apple history look like? Add your list to the comments or to your own blog.


I made it back from my vacation.

I’m still trying to catch up on email and the news coming out of WWDC07. But, normal response times for email and support should be back to normal.

Vacation, Support and Email Response

I will be away from the office on vacation for a week, starting Wednesday June 6. While away, support and email response will probably be delayed. Please bear with me.

The island of Ambergris Caye, Belize does have internet connectivity, but not in my hotel. I’ll try and connect once a day but this will be heavily influenced by the hours and policies of the local internet cafes (Plus, I will be on vacation).

Mac Pro Heat Issues

As the temperatures here in the North Eastern United States have risen so have my Mac Pro hardware crashes.

There seems to be a direct correlation with internal temp and hard system freezes. This mostly occurs when playing certain computer games (Age of Empires III, Redline, and WingNuts 2).

When I experience the system freeze, a hard reboot results in only a black screen.

After a long search of the interwebs, I found mention of this little fan controller utility that seems to have solved the problem: smcFanController.

I created two profiles, one for normal daily use and one for gaming with the following settings:

	Power Supply = 600 RPM
	All other fans set to 500 RPM 
	PCIe/HDD = 1468 RPM
	All others same as above

Then I just switch my profile accordingly. I’ve been running with this setup for the past week and haven’t had a single crash. Prior to that I would have several during any particular gaming session.

Hopefully, this helps someone else fix their crashing Mac Pro.

Where Cat Tales and Dog Dreams Come True

A little off topic, but my sister also runs a small business. Pam started her company a short time ago but has had enormous success selling her high-fasion dog & cat collars, leashes, and harnesses.

She is a great example of someone pursuing her passion and ignoring the naysayers to reach success. Pam left a very lucrative position in the medical/surgical equipment industry to chase her dream.

With just an idea, she started hand sewing her products, hired a web designer, and started marketing her tail off. Now, her products are featured in boutique stores around the country and her business is growing fast.

Lola & Foxy

She recently got a little extra publicity by a blogger in her area when they were nice enough to post about meeting Pam at a recent pet expo.

It’s been fun to watch as my little sister has developed into a savvy business woman in such a short time.

If you need a stylish collar for your pet, check out her online store.

New Theme

Finally, after more than a year and a half of blogging with WordPress I got tired enough of the default Kubrik theme to do something about it.

I spent most of today hacking together a basic template that fits into the main site a bit better. Please, let me know if you see any weird layout issues.

Virginia Tech Memorial Fund Charity Sale

On May 2nd, Outer Level will join several other independent Mac software developers in raising money for the The Virginia Tech Memorial Fund to help honor and remember the victims of the April 16, 2007 tragedy.

The fund will be used to cover expenses including but not limited to:

  • Assistance to victims and their families
  • Grief counseling
  • Memorials
  • Communication expenses
  • Comfort expenses

All proceeds for sales on May 2nd, 2007 will be donated to the Virginia Tech Memorial Fund.

Virginia Tech is also taking direct donations.

Upate (May 7, 2007) – The group raised a total of $2433. LicenseKeeper proceeds reached $152.36. Thanks to all those who helped out a good cause.