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  • Mars Edit 2

    Bloggers start your downloads! Red Sweater Software has launched version 2.0 of their most excellent blogging tool. Daniel Jalkut has put a ton of work into this release that includes a sweet new user interface and built-in Flickr integration.

  • My Apple History

    The Core77 Design Blog has created a sweet chart of Apple’s history of product design. [link via Guy Kawasaki] It was fun to scan the chart and find how many Apple products I have owned or actually used: (I took the liberty to add NeXT to the list) Apple IIe (1983) – School & Friend…

  • Surfaced

    I made it back from my vacation. I’m still trying to catch up on email and the news coming out of WWDC07. But, normal response times for email and support should be back to normal.

  • Vacation, Support and Email Response

    I will be away from the office on vacation for a week, starting Wednesday June 6. While away, support and email response will probably be delayed. Please bear with me. The island of Ambergris Caye, Belize does have internet connectivity, but not in my hotel. I’ll try and connect once a day but this will…

  • Mac Pro Heat Issues

    As the temperatures here in the North Eastern United States have risen so have my Mac Pro hardware crashes. There seems to be a direct correlation with internal temp and hard system freezes. This mostly occurs when playing certain computer games (Age of Empires III, Redline, and WingNuts 2). When I experience the system freeze,…

  • Where Cat Tales and Dog Dreams Come True

    A little off topic, but my sister also runs a small business. Pam started her company a short time ago but has had enormous success selling her high-fasion dog & cat collars, leashes, and harnesses. She is a great example of someone pursuing her passion and ignoring the naysayers to reach success. Pam left a…

  • New Theme

    Finally, after more than a year and a half of blogging with WordPress I got tired enough of the default Kubrik theme to do something about it. I spent most of today hacking together a basic template that fits into the main site a bit better. Please, let me know if you see any weird…

  • Virginia Tech Memorial Fund – Charity Sale Results

    The total amount raised was $2433! Thanks to Lee Falin for organizing the event and to all those who participated. LicenseKeeper generated 8 sales, which amounted to $152.36 after PayPal processing fees. Not too shabby, thanks to all those who purchased a copy and helped out a good cause.

  • Virginia Tech Memorial Fund Charity Sale

    On May 2nd, Outer Level will join several other independent Mac software developers in raising money for the The Virginia Tech Memorial Fund to help honor and remember the victims of the April 16, 2007 tragedy. The fund will be used to cover expenses including but not limited to: Assistance to victims and their families…

  • MEDC 2007 Worst Practices

    Quite the contrast between MEDC 2007 (Microsoft Mobile & Embedded DevCon) and what I experienced at the Leopard Tech Talks recently. Sadly funny and very revealing. [via]