Corporate Army Or One-Person Business

Do you use “we” or “me” when speaking for your MicroISV or one-person small business? Is it better to act as if you are bigger than just one person? Or, is the fact that you are one person actually a distinct business advantage?

Yaro Starak discusses his thoughts on which way to go on his Small Business Branding site.

I agree with Yaro completely. For years my company’s website advertised the services I provide as though Outer Level comprised of more than just me.

Over the past year or so I’ve slowly changed my ways — especially once I started keeping my blogs: Make Mac Games and this company blog you’re reading.

One of the biggest problems facing workers and small businesses today is the risk of being outsourced or replaced by cheaper off-shore labor. My search for a way around this dilemma lead me to the conclusion that it’s not my skill set or my price that is going to help keep my job and clients, it’s my reputation, experience, and results.

So why hide these things behind a corporate facade? Revel in the fact that you are a one person show and that when someone hires your company, they are hiring you. Not only is it okay to be a one-person company, it’s an advantage.

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