Outer Level Acquires Knapsack

I’m super excited to announce that Outer Level has acquired Knapsack, the personal travel organizer, from TinyPlanet Software.

Outer Level has taken over ownership and development of Knapsack and will continue to offer support and upgrades for existing Knapsack 1.x customers.

TinyPlanet Software created a very cool application and I can’t wait to jump in and take Knapsack into the future.

My wife and I love to travel the world. We’ve been snorkeling with penguins in the Galapagos Islands; photographing wild lions and elephants in South Africa and Botswana; exploring volcanic mountains and glaciers in Iceland; and scuba diving with sharks in Belize. We’re always in search of that next adventure and planning our trips is great fun with Knapsack.

There are tons of great features in Knapsack, like trip itineraries, packing lists, and iCal syncing. But, my favorite feature is the virtual wall map. Stick a pin on the map to mark where you’ve been and to see where you’re going. It reminds me of the giant wall map I used to have for tracking family vacations.

They say developers should work on applications that we are passionate about and that are related to things we enjoy doing in real life. I knew when I learned Knapsack was for sale, that I now had the chance to do just that.

Knapsack joins LicenseKeeper and Bullfrog in the Outer Level stable of products.



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5 responses to “Outer Level Acquires Knapsack”

  1. Joshua Avatar

    I’m glad you guys have picked up this product. Not much was happening with it and feel it holds so much promise. I’m looking forward to new features and capabilities! BTW, I’ll offer a couple of feature requests, if you don’t mind.

    – Google maps integration for the wall maps.
    – Tripit integration for adding flights, hotels, etc.
    – Standardized fields for itinerary entires (e.g. if it’s flight, there could be flight number, departure/arrival time, reservation code, etc.)
    – Trip sharing via a website or export to a word/excel (pages/numbers) file.
    – Customization of picture in the trip details (i.e. ability to place a photo or other image).

  2. Jon Trainer Avatar

    Thanks Joshua. Knapsack has enormous potential and I’m happy to hear from people who are excited about its future.

  3. Mike Rohde Avatar

    Congrats Jon! Exciting times ahead for Knapsack!

  4. Guillaume Avatar

    You just saved Knapsack from the dead! Thank you so much!