Bullfrog Mystery Feature Revealed

In my last entry, I announced that the Bullfrog 1.2 release was delayed due to a new “critical” bug and a new super secret feature I have decided to implement for this update.

The “critical” bug has been squashed and all that remains is the new mystery feature.

This morning I finished up a rough and dirty prototype of a new Online Scoreboard. I thought it would be fun to have a little friendly competition between Bullfrog players of the world.

So, I’m officially announcing the big feature of Bullfrog 1.2: the Online Scoreboard.

When a player achieves a personal high score, Bullfrog will optionally check the online database over the internet to see how the score fairs against all other submitted scores. Players will be able to recheck their global rankings at anytime to see if anyone has out done them. Scores will also be viewable via your favorite web browser from a link on the Bullfrog product page.

If all goes well, this shouldn’t push this release out too much further.

Unfortunately, my weekend diversion has taken a bit more time out of the LicenseKeeper development schedule than I had originally planned, but I should be back on track shortly.

Bullfrog Release Delayed

It’s a good thing I sat on the finished code for the Bullfrog 1.2 release scheduled for tomorrow (Sept 1).

In the week that the code has been simmering, I received a bug report for a serious bug that has also lead me to think about one more piece of functionality to add — though I’ll keep it under wraps for now.

Depending on how long it takes me to track down the bug and implement the new feature, Bullfrog will probably be delayed about 1 week.

Weekend Diversion

The nice thing about having several software projects going at the same time is that if you need a break from one, there is plenty of work to do on your others.

LicenseKeeper development has been progressing nicely the last couple of weeks. But, this weekend I needed a break.

With all the excitement of Bullfrog getting featured by Apple and the resulting increase in downloads and feedback, I thought I would take a couple of days and implement a few new features.

The #1 requested feature for Bullfrog: a pause button.

I have no idea why I didn’t think of this for any of the previous releases, but it’s now in there.

I also added an “official” screen capture key. No one asked for this, but the functionality was already in there. It just wasn’t production ready. So I shored it up and added it to the help screen along with the pause key.

The coolest feature though was adding automatic software updates. I had this on my list from way back, but I just never got to it. Bullfrog probably doesn’t really need this since it probably won’t get too many more updates, but it gave me a chance to do a test implementation of Andy Matuschak’s Sparkle software auto-update framework.

Sparkle is cool! Thanks to the incredibly simple and easy to follow instructions, I had Sparkle completely integrated with Bullfrog in a couple of hours — most of this time was spent testing and putting together a new AppCast with Feeder.

With such quick and easy success, you can be sure that Sparkle will make it into the upcoming LicenseKeeper 1.0 release.

I’ll place the new Bullfrog code in Daniel Jalkut’s ‘cold-storage locker’ and hold on to it for the next week to let the code settle and breath a bit. Then Bullfrog 1.2 will release on September 1 — I like round numbers.

Apple Hot Pick: Bullfrog

Apple picked up and listed my game, Bullfrog on their site.

Here are all the spots Apple lists Bullfrog as of (Aug 16, 2006):

I didn’t even submit it to them. Can you tell I am a bit excited? If anyone spots Bullfrog anywhere else on Apple’s site, or on any other site for that matter, please let me know.

UPDATE: (09/16/2006)

For posterity, I thought I would add a screen shot of Bullfrog being featured on Apple’s Kids & Learning Downloads page:
Featured on Apple

Bullfrog Listed on MacGameFiles.com

Finally, I’ve gotten around to actually submitting Bullfrog to some of the download sites.

The first site I’ve submitted to is MacGameFiles.com.

I’ve decided to spread the submissions out a bit to both make sure my server can handle the additional load and to get a feel as to which sites bring the most traffic.

I’ll try and put together a graph to give a breakdown of traffic before and after each submission.

You can find the new listing here: http://www.macgamefiles.com/detail.php?item=19259

This entry has also been posted to MakeMacGames.com

Bullfrog: Universal Binary Released

The new version of Bullfrog featuring Intel Mac support has been released.

Changes in this update:

  • New: Universal binary support for both PowerPC (ppc) and Intel (i386)
  • New: graphics scoreboard
  • New: Bullfrog Theme Song
  • New: Improved Horsefly AI
  • New: Improved Bee AI
  • New: “Check for Updates” menu item
  • New: Title Splash Screen
  • New: Player can now enter their name for high scores
  • New: Player name is persisted
  • New: Options Menu items
  • New: Options preferences are now persisted
  • Fixed: drawing of frog mouth/tongue on help screen in the wrong place
  • Fixed: Increased bug points
  • Fixed: high score column layouts to support bigger scores
  • Fixed: Occasional invalid animation frame error
  • Fixed: Mosquito Sound FX Does Not Mute
  • Fixed: Ticking doesn’t stop at end of round
  • Fixed: Butterfly spawn area so they always spawn on screen
  • Fixed: Removed the “Vote Now” main menu item
  • Fixed: Removed the “Don’t Forget to Vote” text on credits screen

Download the full Bullfrog game for free!

Help Wanted: Intel Mac Volunteer for Testing Universal Binary

All coding for the next Bullfrog release is done. I’ve been testing it on my two PPC machines. My primary development box, a Dual 2.0GHz G5 PowerMac and an 800MHz G4 Titanium PowerBook.

What I need is someone with an Intel Mac to help make sure the Universal Binary build works on their machine.

This shouldn’t take very much of your time. I just need someone to launch the game and check all the screens and run through the game play a few times to ensure everything is working normally.

Since the game is free, I can’t really offer a free registered version. Instead I can offer you glorious fame by adding your name to the game credits as a beta tester.

If you are willing to participate, please contact me directly at jtrainer [at] outerlevel.com.